Mission + Philosophy

We have put the core concept into the name: synergesis is made up of synergy + integration + systems. Consult.ing stands for the way we want to add value to your business: consulting+ engineering (“ing” stands for Ingenieurwissenschaften, the German word for Engineering Sciences).
The main objective of our work is sustainable solutions. From idea via research and engineering to market success. This implies that we understand sustainability systemically. Success in economic terms shall go hand-in-hand with smart efficiency in the use of resources, minimised pollution and respect for social responsibilities. Finding the right balance is certainly not easy and may require that we look jointly behind tradition and simple solutions.
Take, for example, the architecture of energy systems. A widely used approach is “to green” the energy source but leave the potential of efficiency gains out of the equation. Or singularity of technology choice for the greening of energy supply. But every process and every location is individual and requires tailor made solutions to be truly sustainable.
We would like to make our decades of international and intercultural management experience available to help you achieve your sustainability objectives. Ideally, our contribution will not stop at the analysis or conceptual synthesis: Whether we act as consultants or as engineering partners, we would , ideally like to accompany your organisation during the implementation.

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