The synergesis team is available to provide the following services
•Project Services
Our consultancy practice is focussed on market oriented technology and RTD management in sectors strongly related or affected by the need for improved sustainability. Examples for such sectors are energy or waste intensive industries, the transport domain or combinations thereof such as sustainable tourism development. Many years in working at the interface between industry and policy enables us to provide you with valuable insight in public private partnerships, a model seen by many as the key to achieving both industrial and social or policy objectives. But we are also successfully advising clients in related service sectors such as instrumentation or environmental monitoring.
Engineering is based on our own technology research work, inventions of our partners in the field and our broad knowledge of worldwide activities in the fields where we are active. We are able to offer both conceptual designs of sustainable solutions and feasibility studies while subsequently working with your regular engineering partners to implement them or offer complete engineering services together with partners of our engineering network. Long term relationship to industrial suppliers in the field would also enable full turn key solutions if you would like to outsource this process completely.
Project Services
From the work in the services described above we have developed significant know-how on project related processes and can therefore also assist your project with specific elements of support: Whether it is editing or reviewing proposals, assisting in finding funding or negotiating multilaterally financed projects or making sure the desired quality approach is followed in multi-organisation projects or simply adding a fresh perspective during a milestone or review meeting, or solving a gridlock coming from different cultural approaches – we are able to offer qualified support in making sure your project objectives are reached.

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