is a software suite suitable for all aspects of technology management beyond the pure product life cycle. It is based on a RDBMS which using a special middleware has been turned into an object oriented database with secure multi-user client –server architecture.

Its core enables database building with special features for data quality and integrity as well as workflow-support. Data can be extracted using either pre-defined query-routines or individually edited SQL-queries. Coupled with its powerful graphic editor it supports “classic “technology management functions such as assessment, Benchmarking , etc. This may be used to build technology roadmaps by e.g. comparing the expected capability growth rate of incumbent and emerging technologies with historic data or market expectations.

However, technology performance, while certainly important, is not the only parameter determining the potential of a new technology. In addition, in early phases data is scarce and often shaky. Many organisations have thus come to rely on expert input, which, unfortunately is often delivered in form of reports and rarely well structured. The TEMONAS suite thus comprises a second module called Expert Judgement Mapping, where experts statements are turned into judgements on scales thus enabling their “datafication”. Since the technology will only perform in a contextual framework, experts shall also describe this by analysing the Technology Readyness Level (TRL, a common metric), but in addition also develop qualitative positions for Manufacturing/Industry Readiness Level, (Regulatory) Framework Readiness Level and Policy Congruence Level.  A definition of the Demnand Development Status along the typical product life cycle, but with a “zoom focus” on the early market stage and a general market attractivity position enable a systemic evaluation of different early stage technologies and the development of consistent scenarios, e.g. for proximity –to-market.

Finally, the third module of TEMONAS is an embedded version of M-MACBETH, an established leading tool for multi-criteria decision aid support.

More detailed information on TEMONAS may be found here and here.